100 Online Stores for Buying Furniture

By | October 18, 2017


It’s a busy world out there, and you might not have the time to browse the seemingly infinite showrooms of all of your local furniture stores. Thankfully, the Internet is here to solve this conundrum! There are literally thousands of online furniture stores you can check out – from the mom-and-pop local stores to large and well-respected national chains like IKEA.

Of course, going through all of those websites is time-consuming in and of itself… That’s why we did the work for you! We’ve collected what we think are 100 of the best furniture stores online. Some of these stores you’ll already be familiar with, and some you may have never have heard of. In some cases, these are large furniture sellers with huge inventories; in other cases, their niche brands with beautiful handcrafted furniture pieces.

So, if you’re in the market for furniture, and you’re aiming to create that signature look for your living spaces, then check out this list of online stores for buying furniture. We’ll be giving you a description of each website so you have an idea of what you’ll be getting into before you click over. Happy shopping!

1. Amazon

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you this, but we will anyway: Amazon sells everything, including furniture. You’d be surprised by the number of items that are available on the site, as well as the deals you can get on those items. So, be sure to take a look, especially if you’re shopping for décor items. Check it out!

2. Ebay

If there’s one place other than Amazon where you can find virtually anything you want it’s Ebay. The benefit here, though, is that you’ll be able to source antique furniture pieces as well as new ones. Just be sure to pay attention to seller reviews when making a purchase! It’s Ebay; you already know

3. Hayneedle

If you’re a person that prefers curated selections and the ability to window shop, then Hayneedle is going to be a great option for you. Their selection may be more limited than other websites, but everything is of exceptional quality and style. Give it a try here!

4. Wayfair

Are you a little “design impaired”? Then Wayfair might be the best thing for you! They’re website allows you to search for products based upon professionally designed rooms. Give it a try!

5. LexMod

If you’re not in a particular rush to find and purchase the furniture you’re after, then make sure to bookmark this website. They have an awesome and diverse selection, and cool items always go on sale as part of the website’s “Deal of the Day”. Pop over now.

6. Cymax

This is a great option if you’re looking to buy a “lool” in bulk, so to speak. Their offerings cover the gamut from classic to contemporary, and it’s a site that’s used by DIYers and professional designers alike. Take a look.

7. Modern Furniture Design Warehouse

Trying to put together a delicious mid-century or contemporary look for your home? Then this furniture website is going to be your very best friend. Do you yourself a favor, and go there right now!

8. Dwell

As you might surmise from the trendy name, Dwell is another place where you can source incredibly beautiful and modern furniture and décor. Check out their well-curated selection here.

9. Burke Décor

For those who are adopting the mid-century style and are sick of sifting through more contemporary pieces, Burke Décor is calling your name. They also have a wonderful selection of furniture and décor adopting the European style. Give it a peek here.

10. MDG

Do you live in Canada, and are you working on a tight budget for your remodeling project? Then MDG might be your new best friend, as they serve Canada exclusively, while also offering attractive financing options for their pieces. Save some dough, and give them a shot.

11. Online Amish Furniture

Although online and Amish are pretty much an oxymoron, you’ll feel like a moron if you don’t check out this website and its amazing Amish furniture offerings… Provided that’s what you’re looking for, of course. Take a look!

12. AllModern

With a name like that, you know exactly what you’re in for. If you liked the concept of Dwell but weren’t thrilled about the offerings, then this is another great place to browse for contemporary furniture and décor. Take a look.

13. IKEA

You’re not afraid of an Allen wrench, right? If you’re willing to build your own furniture, IKEA can be a great choice. Just be warned: the furniture isn’t necessarily built to last… What they offer, though, is quite attractive!

14. Pottery Barn

Rich leather and deep wood stains abound in the Pottery Barn collection of furniture. If that sounds like something that appeals to you, then you’ve got to check out their stuff!

15. Joss & Main

This members-only website is perfect for people that love to keep up to speed with the latest furniture trends and offerings. By becoming a member, you’ll be presented with plenty of cool furniture and décor items, and you’ll also receive deep discounts. What’ve you got to lose?

16. Laura Ashley

Looking for some sweet home furniture across the pond? Then you’re probably already familiar with Laura Ashley and their extensive collection of quality items. If not, be sure to give them a try!

17. Ethan Allen

This furniture retailer is well known for its luxury and quality, and their pieces – as a result – come with a price tag. However, they’ve got a great selection, and you should absolutely take a look.

18. Crate & Barrel

If you’re willing to part with some money when it comes to your home furnishings, then Crate & Barrel could be an excellent choice. They’ve got good stuff, that’s for sure!

19. Carolina Rustica

For this online furniture store, the name says it all. They focus on furniture that captures the signature Southern rustic style. You’ll also find pieces here that are from leading brands. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then browse their selection.

20. ARTeFac

If chairs, kitchen stools and barstools are what you’re after, then this is a site you absolutely need to check out. They’re one of Canada’s leading purveyors of these items, and it’s easy to see why.

21. Rooms to Go

Why buy all of your furniture pieces separately when you can purchase a complete and matched set? That’s the concept behind this retailer, and that’s why you should pay them a visit.

22. Design Furnishings

So, you’re looking for awesome patio and deck furniture, are you? Well, you can hardly do better than the selection at this website.

23. Fifthroom

This is another great online furniture retailer to check out if you’re looking for couches, tables and chairs for your outdoor living spaces. Take a peek!

24. TSC Furniture

If you’re looking to keep things minimal and traditional, TSC Furniture is a retailer you need to check out. Give them a shot here!

25. Wholesale Furniture Brokers

Furniture is incredibly expensive, and you might be looking to save a buck. Well, as the name of this retailer suggests, you’ll find deals aplenty at this Canadian retailer.

26. American Signature Furniture

Although they have an online store, American Signature Furniture has been in business forever. They owe this to the quality of the furniture pieces they sell. Take a look at what’s on offer.

27. Ashley Furniture

Unless you live in a remote region of the United States, then you’re familiar with Ashley, as they’re arguably the largest furniture retailer in the country. They may not be cheap, but they’ve got good stuff. Have you given them a shot yet?

28. Fab

While this online retailer won’t be for everyone, if you’re the kind of person that wants your living space to be “fab”, then Fab is for you! They sell everything from “fab” furniture to “fab” earrings.

29. Overstock

If you own a television, then you’ve seen their commercials. In addition to consumer electronics, jewelry and clothing, they also sell furniture. It’s worth a look if you’re hunting for discounts.

30. Target

You know Target; everyone knows Target! Here’s the thing; their furniture isn’t all that bad. The selection’s not wide, but you might find just the thing you’re looking for.

31. Sears

Speaking of brands that everyone knows, there’s also Sears, which has been selling furniture forever. Maybe they have what you’re looking for?

32. Raymour and Flanigan

This furniture retailer will be familiar to those of you in the Northeast. They carry everything from mattresses to massive couches and Lay-Z-Boys. It’s worth a look.

33. Lay-Z-Boy

Speaking of Lay-Z-Boy… What much else is there to say? It’s Lay-Z-Boy! Check out their website.

34. Ballard Designs

For those interested in European-style furnishings, Ballard Designs is an excellent option.

35. Club Furniture

This website provides handcrafted furniture made in South Carolina that covers a number of different styles. Check them out!

36. Red Star Traders

This is another great website to check out, if you’re looking for outdoor or patio furniture.

37. CB2

You may not know, but Crate and Barrel has an offshoot brand that sells contemporary furniture exclusively. It’s expensive, but the stuff is cool!

38. Haverty’s

Of course, contemporary furniture isn’t for everyone! If you want the classics, then you need to check out the selection from Haverty’s, one of the United States’ oldest furniture retailers.

39. American Furniture Warehouse

This is another retailer you should check out if you’re looking to save a little bit of money, but still want to get some quality pieces. You can visit their website here.

40. Bob’s Discount Furniture

If you’re fortunate enough to have experienced Bob’s commercials, then you already know where this is going. It’s furniture you’d find elsewhere, but at discount prices. Check it out!

41. Restoration Hardware

On the other end of the spectrum, you have Restoration Hardware. Their furniture is quality, but the prices are pricey. Also, their furniture has a particular look that some may like and that others may not. Regardless, it’s worth a look.

42. Art Van

This retailer sells premium furniture pieces in a variety of different styles. They also have brick-and-mortar stores. Check it out.

43. Great Deal Furniture

This website focuses primarily on ottomans, chairs and outdoor furniture, but the pieces they have are of exceptional quality and they’re on the cheaper side. Take a look.

44. Lumens

No living space is complete without the right lighting. Do yourself a favor and check out the stunning and wide selections of fixtures that Lumens offers.

45. Jordan’s

Like Bob’s and Raymour and Flanigan, this is another online furniture retailer that’s based in the Northeast. Their selection is good, but you probably already know what kinds of pieces they have. Take a peek.

46. Home Decorators Collection

Décor is the name of the game for this retailer, but they also sell furniture pieces. Best of all, the prices are great. Give them a try!

47. Jonathan Adler

Sometimes you need furniture pieces that have been hand-designed and handcrafted. Jonathan Adler does just that, creating beautiful recreations of mid-century classics. Go see what they’ve got!

48. Kirkland’s

This is another major United States furniture retailer, and you’re probably already familiar with them. If you haven’t checked out their selection yet, then give their website a browse.

49. West Elm

This website is one of the ones that interior designers everywhere have bookmarked. Do yourself a favor and follow suit!

50. Graham and Green

If you’re looking for totally unique furniture pieces, then this is the retailer for you. Just be warned, though, that they’re based in the UK.

51. Modern Nursery

Hey, you need furniture for your little one too, right? Well, Modern Nursery has a great selection of attractive nursery furnishings that should please any expecting mom!

52. Cost Plus World Market

This online furniture retailer offers an extensive collection of pieces in a number of different styles. However, they tend to focus on modern and contemporary pieces. Take a peek.

53. Thrive Furniture

Is customization a sticking point for you? Then shop at Thrive Foundation, as they’ll customize virtually any piece you find on their website.

54. Room & Board

Does having handcrafted furniture that’s made in the USA matter to you? Then this is one online retailer you need to see!

55. Room Store

If you live in Arizona, then you need to check out this furniture retailer. They have a wide selection, and they’ll match any other furniture retailer’s prices.

56. Passerini Casa

This online furniture retailer is extremely high end, focusing upon European styles that run the gamut from classic to contemporary. Though you’ll have to pay a pretty penny if you purchase from them, you won’t be disappointed by what you receive.

57. Pinecraft

This is another online furniture retailer that specializes in offering attractive and affordable pieces that adopt the Amish style.

58. Badcock Home Furniture

This is another furniture maker and retailer that’s stood the test of time, and their wide selection of pieces deserves a look.

59. pieces

Sometimes you don’t know what you want when you visit an online furniture retailer. This website is set up perfectly for window shoppers! Give it a shot.

60. Zanui

If you live in the land down under, then this is a furniture retailer you need to check out. They serve Australia exclusively.

61. 2Modern

With pieces from a number of leading furniture makers, this website focuses on the modern and mid-century style, as you might expect given the name.

62. Gilt

This online retailer offers a number of different products at deep discounts. If you know what you’re looking for, you may just find it here on sale! It’s worth the chance.

63. Design Within Reach

This is another great furniture retailer for those who are looking for contemporary furniture pieces with clean, attractive lines. Check out their selection here.

64. Anthropologie

Although known primarily for their women’s clothing, this retailer also sells attractive furniture. If a feminine touch is what you’re after, then this might be the website you should visit.

65. Williams-Sonoma

If Anthropologie is known for it’s women’s clothing, then Williams-Sonoma is known for its kitchenware. However, they also sell some furniture, and many of their pieces are quite nice. Check them out here!

66. Dwell Studio

Mid-century style abounds at this premium retailer’s website. The furniture is incredibly expensive, but the look, style and quality are all unassailable.

67. Urban Outfitters

Throw a bone to the hipster within you, and check out the furniture offerings from Urban Outfitters. There aren’t many, but they are – as much as we hate to admit it – cool.

68. Blu Dot

The slick design of this furniture retailer’s website hints at the slick design of the contemporary and fashionable furniture they sell. You won’t be disappointed.

69. Mathis Brothers

This Oklahoma-based furniture retailer sells pieces from a number of leading manufacturers. If you’re an Oklahoman, then check them out!

70. Day Bed Deals

This website sells one thing, and one thing only: Day beds. If that’s what you’re in the market for, then you’ll love the low prices you can find here.

71. Wal-Mart

It’s Wal-Mart; they sell furniture. You know what to expect. Still, if you need some down and dirty furniture to fill up a space, you’ll love the deals.

72. Name Brand Beds

If you’re furnishing a guest bedroom, then you might want to keep things simple. This online bedroom furniture retailer will make your life easy!

73. JCPenney

In addition to everything else, JCPenney also sells furniture. Some of it’s much better than you might expect! It’s worth a look, at least.

74. CostCo

Speaking of places that sell a lot of different things but that also sell furniture, there’s everyone’s favorite: CostCo.

75. Furniture Crate

This online furniture retailer offers a wide selection of furniture in different styles at reasonable prices. Give it a shot.

76. Modern Furniture 4 Home

This website is a secret weapon for those who are looking to adopt the mid-century style with contemporary flair. Did we just describe you? Then give this website a spin!

77. Apt 2B

Furnishing an apartment presents unique challenges with respect to space. This online furniture retailer sells attractive and low-profile furniture that’s just perfect for this! Check it out.

78. Canvas Home

Looking to do your part with respect to saving the environment? Then you’ll find a lot to love about this retailer’s selection of sustainable furniture pieces.

79. Design Public

This is another online furniture retailer that specializes in contemporary furniture, and they offer an impressive selection of leading brands.

80. Get Laid Beds

Hey, their name alone is reason enough for inclusion. Also, this UK online retailer happens to sell some exceptionally high quality and stylish beds!

81. Slumberland

As with the previous website, this one specializes in beds. However they also sell other attractive home furnishings.

82. Pier 1 Imports

The style of Pier 1 furniture is unique, but if that’s what you’re after, you might find something that you like. Visit their website here.

83. Bellacor

Amazing light fixtures abound from this well-known and well-respected retailer. They’ve also recently expanded into furniture. Check out their offerings here.

84. One Kings Lane

Looking to achieve a vintage look for your living spaces? Then you should check out this FREE members-only website that offers an amazing selection of vintage furniture pieces. You won’t be disappointed.

85. Bedshed

If you’re looking for a quality bed and nice linens in Australia, then this is the online retailer for you!

86. Broyhill

This furniture maker sells their products through their website. Their pieces are unique and well put together. Perhaps you might like what they have?

87. The Room Place

There’s a lot of cool stuff you can find through this online retailer, but their Outlet deals are exceptional. Trust us, and check them out.

88. Lowe’s

Although the selection isn’t wide, Lowe’s (the home improvement store) occasionally has pieces that are worth a look.

89. 1st Dibs

You’ll find anything you might want from this furniture retailer, from antique pieces all the way to new contemporary ones.

90. Bryght

The mid-century and modern periods are alive with the stunning furniture selection at Bryght.

91. Home Gallery Store

If you’re not finding what you want elsewhere, perhaps a browse through this online store is worth your time.

92. Furnishing America

Things are expensive in Southern California. If you’re looking to save a few pennies on your furniture there, then this is a website you need to check out.

93. Furniture USA

If you’re not in Southern California, then you should check out this website, which offers a lot of budget furniture that still has quality.

94. Scandanavian Furniture

So you want the look of IKEA furniture, but you don’t want the low quality? Well, this is the website you’re looking for. Just be prepared to pay.

95. great dane

For those that have a yen for Danish furniture, this website should be screaming your name. Give it a look.

96. Brylane Home

In addition to furniture, this online retailer sells pretty much anything else that might go inside any of your living spaces. If you’re looking to complete a look, this is a good place to visit.

97. CAModernHome

While the selection isn’t wide, you’ll be impressed by the beauty, quality and craftsmanship of this furniture retailer’s offerings. If money is no object, then make it your objective to visit this site.

98. mod.GSI

This Canadian retailer specializes in contemporary furniture and offers a number of attractive pieces and sets. Best of all, they’ll ship around the world. Check it out!

99. Furniture.com

Hey, the name says it all doesn’t it? It’s a website and there’s furniture. Why not take a peek?

100. hive

Looking for the most contemporary furniture you can find? Well then hive is the furniture retailer you need to visit.

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