26 Charming and Bright Finished Basement Designs

There’s one thing that’s common to every basement that’s out there, no matter what home they’re under: they’re dark! It’s just one of the many side effects of being underground. When you’re designing a finished basement, therefore, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is finding a way to make that downstairs space a bright… Read More »

22 Finished Basements With Bars

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. Those are the lyrics to the theme song for one of the most famous television shows of all time, Cheers. But, that’s not what we’re here to talk about; we’re here to talk about a bar where everyone literally… Read More »

27 Luxury Finished Basement Designs

Finishing your basement is one of the coolest things you can do as a homeowner. It instantly adds an immense amount of useable floor space to your home, and it allows you to add some creature comforts that there might not have been space (or even time) to incorporate into your main home. Depending upon… Read More »

20 Grandiose Open-Concept Kitchen Design Ideas

The open-concept is a favorite for many designers because it allows for a better flow of traffic along with the ability to be obstruction free and create more usable space. Few rooms in the home have benefitted from this concept more than the kitchen. What comes with open-concept kitchens is a propensity for design on… Read More »

20 Gorgeous Master Bedroom Design Ideas

The master bedroom is a place for you to get away from it all and decompress. However, if the space is not properly designed, you are less inclined to use this space and instead avoid it. This should never happen. There are many ways to make your master bedroom gorgeous and inviting. An easy solution… Read More »

20 Gorgeous Family Room Design Ideas

There are so many different ways to decorate a home but the most important part of the decoration is knowing what you want people to take from the experience of being in the room. The same is true of the family room, and the good news is gorgeous and fun go together. There are many… Read More »

20 Functional Family Room Design Ideas

It is rare to have a room in the house that has permission to be different than the other rooms in terms of design. With the family room, the needs of the whole family supersede those of the family’s tastemaker in design. While the living room may be ornate, the family room is meant to… Read More »

20 Fabulously Designed Living Rooms

Living rooms that are beautifully designed are by their very nature inviting and warm. Regardless of whether you are using dark woods or light colors, if your living room’s theme is cohesive and organized then your friends and family will have no objection to spending hours having a good time in this room. Critical design… Read More »