Interior Design for Family Room and Dining Room

By | September 25, 2017


Interior Design for Family Room and Dining Room – Combining the dining room and the family room without insulation can make homes more efficient functioning and does not look cramped. You just need to put the right furniture to make both remain alive. Although fused, remains a distinct atmosphere can be created between the family room with the dining room.

Assign the appropriate furniture is its function in the dining area and family room. Keep the distance between each of the furniture in the same scale, so the room remains balanced and both areas does not seem “mixed”. To create this separateness, you can put the back of the sofa in part towards the dining room.

Choose furniture that “lighter” without much detail. Or it could be furniture that use wheels for easy move. give attention to storage. Keep your stuff organized neatly in each area, so as not to make the room seem suffocating. Create a flexible storage, so it is easy to hide, or create hang with stylish storage so that it becomes part of the decoration of the room. The following 4 Interior design blends with the dining room and family room :

Interior-Design-for-Family-Room-and-Dining-Room-002 Interior-Design-for-Family-Room-and-Dining-Room-003 Interior-Design-for-Family-Room-and-Dining-Room-004 Interior-Design-for-Family-Room-and-Dining-Room-005

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