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By | September 22, 2017


Talking about the mirror frames, you can do it yourself at home. Framing a mirror, is a fun and relatively inexpensive to decorate the walls. There are several ways to frame Your mirror, for example: create a frame with decorative boards, use picture frame, or create a unique frame of tape or stencil prints. Read further to find a way that suits your taste, and follow the steps to complete Your mirror frames.

Framing mirrors with Decorative Boards.
Choose the mirror that will be framed. You can choose a mirror the size of anything, because you will make the Board inlaid in accordance with the length you need. The mirror was not must have a straight edge, such as a square or a rectangle, but it could form a circle.

Buy and cut decorative boards. You can buy decorative boards in the shop home appliances, or furniture shop, normally it costs only a few dozen thousand dollars for each meter.

Choose the style of ornamental boards: there is a traditional-style ornamental boards, without varnish, and has many ornaments such as corner decorated with flowers and patterns.

To determine the length of each piece of ornamental boards, measure the length and width of your mirror, then add 5 cm. Use chain saw timber, to make four pieces of the frame, and make an angle of 45 degrees on both ends of each piece of the frame.

Check the length of the section, opposite his aligning with each other to ensure the length is the same.
Stacking frame on a flat surface: brush the inside corner of his building with glue or wood glue, and use masking tape to retain his position in the meantime.

After his adhesive dries, fill a gap in its corners with wood PuTTY or Spackle.
After the PuTTY dries, Paint Your frame, if you want.

Put a mirror in the middle of a wooden plank. Wood boards you use preferably a sheet of plywood that length and width 5 cm greater than the mirror. If the mirror was already on the wall, then you don’t need a Board, and you can pass for this step.

Tape pieces of the lattice around the perimeter of the mirror. The lattice pieces you must have a width of 5 cm; two of these pieces must have a length in accordance with the mirrors, nd the other two should be 5 cm longer than the mirror, so the four pieces of the lattice can frame the entire circumference of a rectangle. You can skip this step if you are already a mirror hanging on the wall.

Use wood glue to glue the piece of latticework to the Board. Make sure that the mirrors can enter into a piece of lattice.

Maintain the position of the grid with tongs, and let her glue dries up for 24 hours.

Place the pieces of ornamental boards on the top left. Align the two pieces of ornamental boards, so the length is right above the edge of the grid mirror. Tape decorative boards into pieces of the lattice.

Be careful so that there is no glue that stuck to the mirror.

If you use an ornament shaped like roses, paste it in the corner of the frame.

Put a piece of plywood boards on the top of the mirror to suppress it, and allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

Decorative boards cover with a towel to protect him as long as the glue dries.

If you frame the mirror that already hang on the wall, give the glue to the back of ornamental boards, and tap the frame onto the mirror, leaving approximately 2.5 cm on all sides of the mirror.

Immediately check the frame with a ruler, and do an adjustment before the glue dries.

Use masking tape to hold the frame in the wall as long as the glue dries.

Paste it on board a buffer Board inlaid with mirrors. Turn back the mirror that you have frames, and use an electric screwdriver to pair the 2.5 cm sized bolt to the center of each rose decoration. Insert the two bolts with the same distance to each side of the horizontal, and one bolt into each side of the vertical, which is about one thirds of the base frame.

Attach the wire frame with two ring d. Attach a ring to each side of the vertical at the point about one thirds of the frame from the bottom.

Cut the wire with a fairly long, to connect the two rings, and still left to reach the point 7.5 cm beneath the mirror.

Rotate the wire into each ring D.

Attach vinyl pads to every corner of the mirror, so as not to scratch the walls.

Add the finishing touches and hanging Your mirror. Finish mirrors with sanding the corners of the frame, if it is still rough, use a sponge or paper, sandpaper sandpaper. You can also paint the frame with glossy paint.

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