24 Finished Basements With Beautiful Hardwood Floors

By | October 18, 2017

Just like any other room in your home, the flooring in your finished basement is going to take some consideration. What you choose will, in large part, depend upon how you plan on using the space. For example, if you’re looking to have a finished basement that functions well as a children’s play area, then you’re probably going to want to go with carpeting. On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a sleek and modern look, then perhaps you’ll be looking into polished concrete!

Again, though, just like any other room in your home, you may have your heart set on hardwood floors for your finished basement. To be sure, it’s an excellent choice, and it’s completely versatile. You can create any kind of look you’d like! And, it can work just as well for a finished basement featuring a bar or one meant for a children’s play area.

To show you what we mean, we’ve pulled together 24 awesome examples of finished basements with hardwood floors. Here, you’ll see plenty of different tones and styles, any of which might be perfect for the finished basement design you’re working on right this very moment. So, take a look, and admire these finished basements!

1. Reddish Orange

24 Finished Basements With Beautiful Hardwood Floors-1

With the walls in this finished basement on the darker side thanks to the reddish orange walls, the light hardwood floors help to keep things bright.

2. Straight Loungin’

24 Finished Basements With Beautiful Hardwood Floors-2

Here, hardwood floors have been used exclusively in the lounge area of this finished basement, with carpet in the bar area, and tiles in the game room beyond.

3. Bricks?

24 Finished Basements With Beautiful Hardwood Floors-3

Here, reclaimed wood tiles are used to create a brick like effect for the floor of this finished basement that adopts a pub style.

4. Nice Grains

24 Finished Basements With Beautiful Hardwood Floors-4

The visually interesting grain of the hardwoods used in this finished basement give the space a charming appeal.

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