Small Simple Kitchen Interior Design for Small Spaces

By | April 3, 2017

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Small Simple Kitchen Interior Design for Small Spaces was already a dream of many people, especially those who want to make it possible at home with limited land. That should be given attention namely, utilizing existing land with the appropriate design. You may be wondering, how the land is limited to the size of the vast spaces of the simple kitchen interior design for small spaces could look modern and very comfortable? so you’re not reluctant to cook. You will be more at home in the kitchen, due to the atmosphere of a beautiful kitchen, neat, clean and minimalist.

Consider some steps to make your kitchen more beautiful, small simple kitchen interior design for small spaces tips to narrow among others as follows:

1. Choose the simplest design.
However, everyone loves luxury but rather a charming simplicity. Well, the key from a minimalist kitchen design is that design choices are simple, meaning not too many decorations or supplies that are not supposed to be in the kitchen or not too necessary. Small kitchen design ideas below can be a reference for you to apply to a small kitchen space and limited.

kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen

2. Take advantage of the wall for storage cabinet.
To save place, you simply make a creative setting storage cabinet as needed. Storage cabinet glass, plate, and other kitchen equipment can be designed on the bottom. Meanwhile, hanging wall cabinet design, to keep ingredients such as instant, powder and light kitchen equipment, make more closet hanging on the walls to make use of the existing space in the kitchen, don’t let the empty walls. Preferably, the closet hanging on the wall has a simple design. Avoid storing equipment and kitchen spices outside the Cabinet because it would be messy and distracting scenery impressed. Thus, the kitchen will look neat and there is still free space under the floor that can be used to put a refrigerator in the corner, keep food and drink a neat, as well as, fresh ingredients in the fridge.

kitchen ideas for small kitchens

3. Choose a bright color so that the kitchen room look spacious.
Choose the color it is important in any minimalist design especially for the narrow kitchen, choose a bright color in order to affect the impression of vast kitchen space. You can combine bright colors with dark kitchen furniture, so a bit of contrast. The image below shows the impression of the kitchen and furniture contrast with different colors will give the impression of other colorfull and modern. Combine bright colors and furniture to your taste, be sure the color is bright and aligned. Your kitchen will look clean, use bright colors in addition to your your kitchen impressed more broadly by utilizing a good color.

small kitchen layouts

5.Give the natural impression with natural accessories.                                                                                                    Kitchen ideas for small kitchens did not escape the impression that the current trend is already natural. The more modern the more natural. Give your decoration or simple décor depicting nature, asnature paintings or flowers in pots, either interest or artificial flowers. If want the original plant flowers, you can add a hydroponic plant to save place with suggestions the plant get the air and enough natural sunlight can be kept near a window if an extra window allows the kitchen, but if there are no windows you just simply use the ornate nature paintings wallpaper on a wall or plant artificial flowers in a pot, or artificial fruits which hung on the walls of the dining room , could also make the color tile floor like chess board or process as you like.

small simple kitchen interior design for small spaces

You could take some pictures about simple kitchen interior design for small spaces in this article as a reference, no need to make exactly the same with the image, process according to your taste, and customize with spacious kitchen space and furniture in your kitchen.

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