Teenage Boys Room Designs We Love

By | March 30, 2017

Teenage Boys Room Designs We Love  – Minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys has been very varied and different from girls bedroom design as well as young children. If you need some tips for designing a bedroom a boy who was just a teenager, give the best room design for boys who are growing into a teenager, full of vigor and ambition as well as his dreams will be. Because boys will be the successor to the head of the family, then it would be better to heed the very concept of minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys, in order to influence the positive things in the way he thinks and his imagination, especially when he wanted to sleep and awakened a new initiate new every day in the morning, starting from a good bedroom design have an effect as well as a very significant impact on the development of the mindset , character and atmosphere of the minds of hearts of teenage boys who did not always stable. Here are some tips and things to look for in preferring the comfort of the minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys, including the following:

1. high and vast spaces the size of the bedroom.
Before you create a minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys, consider the size and height of the bedroom space, if the bedroom is not too extensive, you could apply a minimalist and simple design with not too many accessories in the room which would only narrow the space of the bedroom. You can take reference from design illustration image below:

teen boy bedroom ideas

2. The color of the furniture and paint the walls.
Stylish design value on a minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys is located on the model of furniture and wall colors, this becomes a very major focus stands out compared to the other existing detail decoration in bedroom, furniture wall paint color balance with will affect the end result on the appearance and overall view of the bedroom. Choose the color of the bright wall paint to give effect and impression in the room, when the size of the room is narrow, and then combine the color of the furniture which is not too bright so that looks a little contrast with the wall paint colors. Or apply colors that show the character and the Favorites of boys. Examples such as the image below:

room decor for teens boy

3. Add wall wallpaper and animation.
It is a powerful tricks in juggling display wall to make it more colorful, unique and creative. Bedroom wall that depicts the joy it can give positive input on the inside as well as add to the excitement. Wallpapers and animations in the wall that is applied on a minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys, is additional accessories if you want a room that is not boring. Avoid sticking too many photos or paintings on the wall, because it will restrict the view of the broad wall, so memorable was a mess. Detail of the illustrations as well as the picture below:

Teenage Boys Room Designs We Love

4. The position and size of the bed.
Back on the main function of the bedroom is to rest, therefore make sleep a child feels more comfortable with the size of the bed or beds that are not too small and tender. Place the bed in a part of the upper chamber room, if the bedroom is quite narrow, but if the size of the bedrooms more spacious bed position can be put in the corner of the room to make it more orderly so apply neat impression on minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys. If you have twin boys that want one room two, choose a bed with two-storey bunk bed and put a stick on the wall so that the Chamber does not feel cramped.


5. Light and Windows.
Apply a good explanation on your son’s room by selecting a bright light and not too dazzled, then it will give the impression of broad effects on the room space. Add window if the rotation to get air circulation and light from outside the room, more natural, and fresh. Minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys also have a concept which is not much different from the sleeping room girls, both have the same end goal, namely the comfort and beauty of the bedroom as a whole.

teen boy room ideas teen boys bedroom ideas decorating

6. Add the carpet.
Carpets being one of the best flooring accessories and also provide a function so that the floor is not slippery and reduce the cold temperatures on the floor. At the present time, it’s been an awful lot of choices carpet with models and motifs that vary greatly, adjust the size, color, motif, material of the carpet with your child’s tastes.

bedroom ideas for teens boy

In addition to some of the points above, perhaps you would like your child feels comfortable and liked her bedroom design, try to ask your child about his favorite, his aspirations and what is the motivation for more excitement, perhaps it was the inspiration for the design was applied to the room Your boy. Don’t forget to add a unique learning table design, so that enterprising children to learn. Please take the reference in making a minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys from some of the pictures that are on this article. Customize your room design with spacious bedroom spaces, furniture, and interior rooms.

teen boy room decor Teenage Boys Room Designs We Love 002

that’s information about minimalist bedroom designs for teenage boys, may be useful and happy coding!

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