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What’s most important to you when choosing a diet pill? Is it the cost, safety, effectiveness? With literally hundreds of diet pill options it can be a bit confusing. That is why we created DietPillValueGuide.com. To us, the best diet pills meet the following 8 criteria:

  1. Appetite Suppression
  2. Weight Loss Power
  3. Speed of Results
  4. Real Clinical Data
  5. Customer Results
  6. Money Back Guarantee
  7. No FTC Complaints
  8. No Deceptive Billing Scheme

We are the ONLY diet pill review site that relies solely upon visitor feedback to provide you with the information you need about each and every diet pill.

There are 10 Diet Pills that have not only SURPASSED our expections but also the expectations of those who have tried them. Those 10 Diet pills are listed below. Be sure to check out what visitors are saying about these diet pills.

10 Diet Pills that Work
Consumer Rank Product Description

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1. Apidexin is the only diet pill 8 Patented Fat Loss ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver results. What other diet pill has been clinicaaly proven to help you lose 4-7 Pounds per week with minimal effort? Apidexin's secret lies in its ingredients.

Not only does Apidexin deliver fast weight loss, but customers and reviewers say they are able to keep the weight off for amazing long-term results. One of my favorite things about Apidexin, since I am a bargain shopper, is that it has a lifetime money back guarantee. If you don't lose weight you return it for a full refund! Are you ready to Drop 2 Sizes in 2 Weeks?

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2. Fenphedra is without a doubt one of the most powerful “Mood Enhancers” legally available without a prescription. It was one of the rare products that we reviewed that was potent enough to receive a 100/100 on Weight Loss Power. If You want to lose weight quickly and feel like a million dollars Fenphedra is a weight loss pill well worth the money.

There have been illicit reports that Fenphedra contains two illegal substances - Ephedra and Hydrocodone.

  • Ephedra a stimulant like adrenaline that stimulates the mind and increases metabolic rate.
  • Hydrocodone a narcotic pain reliever commonly sold as Vicodin and Lortab. A Certificate of Analysis done on a batch of Fenphedra has not produced any proof that these ingredients are found in Fenphedra. So the rumors have been put to sleep.

These rumors are most likely stirred by the natural euphoric “High” and very strong appetite suppression one feels when on Fenphedra. Fenphedra availability is scarce in the U.S. as there are reports that it will be taken off the market.

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3. Decaslim features the 10 most healthy food concentrates known to man, according to Time Magazine. 8 of the 10 are patented and scientifically proven in double blind / placebo controlled experiments. Losing permanent weight isn't the only positive result from this "super-vitamin", DecaSlim users report drastic skin improvements (acne control, skin firmness, skin softness). We like DecaSlim because it was created for improvement of overall health; weight loss and acne control are just positive side effects. DecaSlim is our Users' and Experts' #1 pick.

The only thing better than Decaslim is its Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose but Weight with Decaslim's LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee. You can expect to lose 10+ pounds per month with Anoretix. Retail Price is $99.95 per bottle. You can buy it for as little as $33-$39 online.

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4. Phenterfein was one of 3 diet pills we reviewed that scored a 100% on Weight Loss Power. Phenterfein has a very interesting effect on users. It increases your Resting Metabolic Rate (the rate at which you burn fat) so much that you can literally feel your body begin to warm up. That is followed by a huge surge in creative energy that seems to make you even feel more social.

The closest thing I could compare the mood enhancement properties to is after you have drunk a Red Bull and a couple of Martini's. You feel that good. Some people say its because Phenterfein contains the weight loss drug phentermine.

We have not tested Phenterfein for Phentermine but do not believe it contains it in it formula because you don't feel one bit nervous or jittery like phentermine can make you feel. Phenterfein's weight loss power is unparalleled.

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5. Zalestrim The Total Body Makeover Pill for Women of All Ages. Not just a another Weight Loss Supplement, Zalestrim was formulated to:
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Enlarge Breast Tissue
  • Super Charge Sex Drive
  • Make You Feel Great!


Zalestrim is the World's first and Only 3-in-1 Total body Makeover supplement. Zalestrim's Research & Development team invented not only a superb gender specific weight loss pill but also managed to support thyroid output, balance female hormones, naturally increase bust size and firmness, and support libido. And the best part about Zalestrim from what we've read from test subjects is that Zalestrim Works Fast.

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6. Myoffeine A variety of ‘gender specific' diet pills have hit the market, but 99% are for women. We went in search of the greatest Male Diet Pill so the men wouldn't feel left out. We settled on Myoffeine.

Myoffeine's formula is designed to pump the male hormone testosterone to natural and balanced levels, helping lose weigh and gain muscle (what more could men ask for). Well, there is more; many Myoffeine customers claim an increase in sex drive.

There are many other great ingredients within Myoffeine, and we suggest checking them out.

<< What are consumers saying about Myoffeine?>>

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7. Phentirmene. W e would be crazy not to include the most popular phentermine alternative on our list. This diet pill will do everything that its prescription "cousin" does + more!

The marketplace has been crowded with horrible phentermine clones that are ineffective because they contain horrible ingredients. What should you be looking for in a phentermine alternative? Phentirmene is the only alternative whose ingredients actually work in the same way as phentermine. If you are looking for a diet pill that works, then you should take a look at this amazing product.


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8. SomnaSlim PM. There are many new ‘night-time' diet pills springing up on the market. Most are garbage, but one has caught our eye: SomnaSlim.

The reason is because they don't claim that you will actually lose weight in your sleep, but that getting a better night's sleep has actually been proven to help you lose weight. We solely agree with that claim, and by the looks of Somnaslim's ingredients, it most certainly will help you sleep-naturally.

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9. Hydroxycut Hardcore X . Here is another product who had better days when ephedra was legal. Ironically, without ephedra, it is much less hardcore, but the new formula without ephedra is dubbed Hydroxycut Hardcore.

Ok, enough humor, how does Hydroxycut perform as a diet pill? Not too shabby. It's four ‘blends' for 1) fat loss, 2) delivery, 3) focus, and 4) yohimbine should increase your metabolism and be an effective fat burner. They do charge too much, but you can find it cheaper.

<< What are consumers saying about Hydroxycut Hardcore X?>>

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10. 72 Hour Diet Pill. Wedding? Anniversary? Party? High School Reunion? 72 Hour Diet Pill is designed to maximize your weight loss experience within a 72 hour period. You guessed it, lots of diuretics.

Why would we pick this diet pill to be in the 87 th percentile? Because it's formula is natural and to help you safely and effectively lose weight in 72 hours. Most users can lose up to 8 pounds in 2 days. We know that there are times when people have to lose weight fast, and hence we put our vote with 72 Hour Diet Pill.

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Diet Pill FAQ


What is a diet pill?

The easiest way for me to define diet pill is by first telling you what it isn't. A diet pill isn't a miracle pill. There is no way to simply swallow a pill and hope that it is going to help you melt fat away. Diet pills, fat burners, slimming pills and weight loss pills are all essentially the same thing. 99% of diet pills are herbal supplements regulated under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. There is a small percentage that come via a doctor's prescription. Both are equally effective but I have seen more people lose weight with herbal diet pills than the other route.

Are Diet Pills Safe?

Yes. Contrary to what people want you to believe (by people I mean the government and drug companies who are in bed with the government) herbal dietary supplements are extremely safe. Recently, Hydroxycut recalled a product that may have contained an ingredient that had a negative side effect in some people. Well, that was one instance out of billions. And the truth is that more people get sick or die from the use ibuprofin or aspirin than they do from taking supplements. One death is too many, but some people are prone to abuse the use of all things, including diet pills and aspirin.

Do All Diet Pills Require a Prescription?

No. There are only a few diet pills that require prescriptions and these products are not any more effective than herbal dietary supplements. In fact these prescription diet pills have been known to have more harmful side effects than dietary supplements.

What are the Best Diet Pill Ingredients?

I love diet pill ingredients that are backed by science and clinical studies. Don't fall victim to the promises of some Acai berry scam. Why? Well, show me the PROOF. I don't pop any pill into my mouth without knowing if there is any scientific proof telling me that it is going to work as promised. There are very few dietary supplements that include clinically proven ingredients. When you are buying a diet pill look for these ingredients: Forslean, Citrimax, SuperCitrimax, Chromax, Phase-2, Slimaluma, Tonalin, Advantra-Z, Neopuntia, 7-Keto, Chromemate, Bioperine, Pinnothin, Infinergy Di-Caffeine Malate, Green Tea, Glucomannan.

Thare are also combinations of ingredients that have been clinically proven as well - but they must be included TOGETHER in a diet pill. These ingredients are Green Tea + Caffeine, Pomegranate + Fucoxanthin, and Guarana + Yerba Mate + Damiana.

Do Diet Pills Really Work?

Yes. Diet pills used in conjunction diet and exercise have been shown to help you lose more weight than dieting and exercise alone.

Is There Such Thing as a 'Magic Pill'?

No. And don't believe any pill that claims it will help you melt pounds away.


Weight Loss FAQ


Is It Unhealthy to be Overweight?

Yes. And no. Confused? You can be "healthy" if you are overweight, but there are specific dangers to people who are overweight. Here is a quick list of the few of the many dangers of being overweight:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Gallstones
  • Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Suffocation

These are just a few of the many dangers posed to overweight persons. There are also other factors such as the cost of being overweight (ie food, medical bills, etc.). There is also the toll it takes on your joints

When Am I Considered Overweight?

Everybody has a healthy weight range, but if you're outside of your respective range you are considered "overweight". Now there is "overweight" and there is "obese". Doctors say that weighing more than 20% above your specified range is obese, while "overweight" is less than 20% (but a number above 25 on Body Mass Index). While being obese is associated with greater complications, being overweight can pose just as many health risks.

Will Diet Pills Help You Lose Weight?

There are 3 Pillars to Losing Weight. Diet, Exercise and Supplementation. Diet pills fall under the supplementation pillar. Diet pills will help you burn more calories, suppress your appetite, block carbs and fat and provide you with the vitamins essential to losing weight.

How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight?

I am always surprised when I watch the Biggest Loser on TV. Granted, the conditions these people are put in are unique. They are extremely overweight, most experts would label them as obese. So they have more weight, in terms of pounds, to lose. But like the show, don't be jaded by pounds. You should measure your weight loss as a percentage of weight lost from your starting point. Your weight loss will be greater at first then gradually decrease until you maintain a consistant weight loss and acheive your ideal weight.

Should I Use a Weight Loss Program?

Some people are just too busy or just too overwhelmed on where to begin. There are thousands of resources available on the internet. There are just as many ''weight loss programs'' available. What these programs all have in common is that they will try to plan your meals and your exercise routine for you. I am partial towards diet programs. They provide structure where there is none. On the flipside they cost money. The decision is yours.